Cancellations should be made in a timely manner and we kindly ask for a minimum of 24-hour notice. Depending on circumstances you may be charged a cancellation fee. 

Please give the salon + spa or licensed professional a courtesy call to inform us about your cancellation. 

No call/No show clients may result in being charged a fee/percentage for the services that were to be received. If you miss more that three consecutive appointments without notice you may be denied for future appointments.


If you are running more than 5 minutes late, please give the salon + spa or licensed professional a courtesy call. Depending on how late you are, rescheduling and a late fee may be an option.


Beauty BAE Salon + Spa welcomes all families. However, children under the age of 13 MUST NOT be left unattended in any area of the salon + spa. 

We recommend clients to not bring children under the age of six for visits lasting more than 30 minutes. It can be difficult to expect younger children to remain quiet and patient for longer periods of time.

For safety reasons children should not climb, stand, or play on any salon + spa equipment including but not limited to chairs, benches, sinks, counters, displays etc. They should not spin or pump hydraulic equipment and should always walk, not run through the salon + spa. Parents/Guardians will be charged the full price of repairing or replacing any damaged equipment resulting from misuse by their children. 

Keep in mind that our licensed professionals are using very sharp scissors, clippers and other tools, as well as chemicals than can be damaging to the skin and eyes. 

Please understand that it is your full responsibility to take care of your children and to ensure that you are enforcing appropriate behavior at all times. If your child is disturbing other clients, stylists, or not acting appropriately in the salon + spa, you may be asked to reschedule.